Our Story

Who we are

In 1996, Harvest Foundation was created with the mission to minister to 100 senior pastors in the Evansville, Indiana area. Today, Harvest Foundation ministers to thousands of senior/lead and campus pastors spanning 60+ Christian denominations. We do not solicit money or sell anything, nor are there any strings, hidden agendas, or catches.  Harvest Foundation is a ministry geared towards changing how pastors view their ministry.  Our passion is to help pastors finish their race.

Why We Do What We Do

Get to know more about what makes us different.

There are too many pastors leaving ministry because of burnout. Harvest Foundation strives to change that statistic one pastor at a time, whether through a small group, or time away with your spouse, so you may rest.
As pastors, it can be a challenge to help others navigate roadblocks you may also be facing.  
As Harvest Foundation continues to move and grow, it is part of our mission to reach across denominational lines and bring pastors together in fellowship, worship, and rest so you can be exactly who God called them to be... a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.