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Ministry is an incredible and beautiful calling. Ministry is also challenging as not only do ministers help others with life's road blocks, but they have to face quite a few of their own. As many ministers are in the position of ministering to their congregation Harvest Foundation has asked the question "Who is ministering to the ministers?" As Harvest Foundation continues to move and grow, it is part of our mission to reach across denominational lines and bring pastors together in fellowship, worship, and rest so they can be recharged, renewed, and restored to go back home and be exactly who God called them to be...a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Our Story

In 1996, Harvest Foundationwas created with the mission to minister to 100 senior pastors in the Evansville, Indiana area. Today Harvest Foundation ministers to over 1,400 senior pastors spanning 9 countries and many Christian denominations. In our events there are no classes… no sessions… nothing but a time for the couple to be alone if they want to or connect with other senior pastoral couples. We do not solicit money, sell anything, nor are there any strings, hidden agendas, or catches. Simply put…we want to help pastors finish their race. Whether by connecting them in small groups or taking them out of their normal environment so they might rest, we are here to serve. 

Harvest Foundation is a ministry geared towards changing how even pastors look at their ministry. There are too many ministers leaving ministry because they are fatigued. Harvest Foundation aims to help change that statistic one pastor at a time.

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“I lead the sabbatical ministry for our denomination in Ohio so I immediately realized the potential for real ministry to pastors when I heard about the Harvest Foundation. We were last minute additions to the last retreat but once we got there we immediately sensed the relaxed, accepting, and loving atmosphere. The staff were great! The worship was especially uplifting as we witnessed hundreds of pastors worshipping from all denominations. Loved the schedule! It was cool to know that everyone in the hotel was a pastor! I strongly recommend the ministry of Harvest Foundation!”

- Bruce and Gloria Philippi, Journey Life Center Mansfield, Ohio -

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