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What Does Harvest Foundation Offer? 



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It seems like ministry is lonely. The truth is, life in the church is not supposed to be lonely. It is supposed to be relational.

Harvest Small Groups are just that; a way to connect pastors so they know they are not alone.

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With technology improving as it does, it is hard to keep up with the latest ways to communicate with your congregation. You may also not know of the great ministries that were created to help you as a couple in ministry.

Harvest Foundation has partnered with incredible ministries and resource groups that are certain to take a tremendous weight off your shoulders in the areas of soul care, technology, church programs, or finances.

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Ministry should not be lonely, but it certainly can be exhausting. Sometimes you just need to...get away.

Harvest Foundation puts on getaways every year for pastors to come and do nothing at all while they rest and relax for four to five days.

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