How long are the events?
Typically the retreats can go anywhere from four to six days, depending on the location of the event. Domestic events tend to be four days, whereas international destinations can be five to six days. 
I am single, but I am a senior/lead pastor. May I come to the retreat?
The retreats are designed for the pastoral couple, so we are not able to invite single pastors whether you have never married, are divorced, or are widow/widower. It is the purpose of the retreat to strengthen the couple. We do have excellent relationships with foundations and ministries that minister in similar ways but on an individual basis. Here are a few that we know and love!

The Retreat at Church Creek
Shepherds Care Ministries
What are our financial obligations?
1) A deposit that each couple puts down to hold their spot on the trip. The deposit is refundable as long the couple attends the event and comes to the mandatory meetings (3 meetings).
2)Transportation to and from the event location.
3) Any meals during your free time (if the retreat location is within the continental United States).
a) Harvest will cover one meal per day or give a set per diem for a meal if the trip is within the continental United States.
b) If the event venue is international, Harvest typically covers all meals (except for alcohol) at the resort.
4) Harvest Foundation does not pay for alcohol at the event.
5) Any activities such as excursions, spa treatments, etc.
If the retreat is free, then what is the deposit for?
The reason we ask for a deposit is so we know that you are coming to the event. We want to be good stewards of what has been given to us, so we want to ensure that there is a couple in each room we book. The deposit helps us to know that you are indeed coming. It is completely refundable as long as you attend the event and come to the three mandatory meetings (30 minutes per meeting), as we do not have the desire to keep the money.  As much as we want to bless you with a free trip so that you and your spouse may come and get some well-deserved rest, we need to know that you are actually coming to our event. Because we want you to experience this rest in the fullest and highest sense that you can, Harvest Foundation pays for all the rooms regardless of whether it is occupied or not.
What happens if I need to cancel? Do I get my deposit back?
Let’s say that you registered for our event and made plans to travel to our retreat, but then months later, life gets in the way, and you have to cancel. The first thing you need to do is notify us immediately of your need to cancel. From there, we will do our absolute best to replace you. If we can replace you, which we usually have a long waiting list, so it should not be a problem, then we will return your deposit. If you have a pastor that can take your place, we would also be willing to entertain that option.
Must we stay the whole time, or can we arrive late or leave early?
Because Harvest Foundation is paying for you to come and rest, we ask that you plan to stay the entire time from beginning to end. If you know that you cannot stay the entire length of the event, we ask that you do not register, so you might leave that space for a couple that can be present the whole time.
Are my children allowed to come to the event?
We love children! much as we love children, it would undermine the intent of the retreat, which is to give each couple rest. For the purposes of rest, your children (and even grandchildren) are not permitted to come.
What happens to my deposit if I do not show up to the event?
If the day of arrival comes for the retreat and you don't show up without letting us know, you will forfeit the deposit to Harvest Foundation. Again, we usually have a long waiting list and have been able to fill rooms close to the start date. Do not hesitate to contact us and let us know you are not coming because we can immediately search for a couple to take your place so they might receive the blessing of rest.
This seems too good to be true...what's the catch?
No catch, no strings, no bait & switch. Harvest Foundation does not have a product to sell you, a timeshare to show you, nor do we ask you for donations. If you would like testimony of this, contact us, and we will connect you with pastors who have been with us and let them tell you what they experienced at a Harvest Retreat.