Terms and Privacy

Terms & Privacy


Because Harvest Foundation has verified that you or your spouse is an active senior, lead, or campus pastor of a Christ-centered church, you have been invited to participate in one of our scheduled pastoral couples retreats.

NOTE: If you are filling out this link because a friend in ministry sent it to you, please disregard submitting this form and go to www.HarvestFoundation.com/join and fill out the information there. Once verified that you or your spouse is an active senior, lead, or campus pastor of a Christ-centered church, then we will resend this form to you to fill out. 

Once you have submitted your registration for one of the events scheduled, Harvest Foundation staff will verify to you by email, phone call, or text whether you have a spot on the active list or the waiting list for the event registered. If you have a spot on the active list, you will be sent a link to either pay a deposit online through a secure process or an address to mail a check to hold your spot.

The purpose of this event is to provide rest for the pastoral couple. Single pastors or spouses only will not be allowed to check into the resort.

 Once you have secured your spot with a deposit, Harvest Foundation staff will send a notification that your spot is secure. This secure spot guarantees you:

  1. A room at the resort you have registered for during the scheduled dates and times of the event.
  2. One meal per day at the required meetings (location will be made known upon arrival)
  3. The return of your deposit

Should you cancel your spot after you have paid your deposit, your deposit will not be returned to you until your vacated spot has been filled by another pastoral couple. If Harvest Foundation is unable to find another couple to take your spot, you will not receive your deposit in return. 

Should you sign up for the event, pay your deposit, and not notify Harvest Foundation by email (or other written notice) that you do not intend to attend the event, you will not receive your deposit back in return.

NOTE: Harvest Foundation has kept one (1) deposit in its twenty-six-year existence. Harvest Foundation Staff will work hard to fill your position. Your assistance would also help)

Harvest Foundation reserves the right to revoke your invitation if:

  1. You are no longer a senior/lead/campus pastor
  2. Are no longer in ministry 
  3. You or your spouse has acted in an illegal, immoral, or unethical way that would negatively affect the image of Harvest Foundation.


Harvest Foundation will not give out any of your information to any entity, business, ministry, individual, or the like without your consent. Upon registering for our events you do give us limited permission to give hotels and resorts your names for the check in/check out process. Once at the resort, any other information given will be by you. 

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