One United Relationship

How We Are Helping

For twenty-four years Harvest Foundation has come alongside senior pastors like you to bring the rest to their otherwise demanding lives. Throughout this time we have asked you how we could help in other ways. Because of your valuable feedback, we have been blessed to assist you with church planting, strategy, prayer, and even are you small groups program. We want you to know that Harvest Foundation has officially partnered with a company called One United Relationship (OUR). Here you will be able to connect with your church and your community, build fund raising campaigns, as well as taking in tithe & offerings on a website designed specifically for your church. 

We know that many churches face the possibility of shutting their doors, especially now during the COVID-19 pandemic. The heart of OUR is to create options so that does not happen to you. We believe now more than ever we must support each other. Since their inception, OUR has been developing many offerings and services specifically for your ministry. However, because of the coronavirus situation, OUR delayed their full launch in order to get this website and online giving platform out to you as soon as possible. OUR has also reduced the set-up fees by 25% and waived the first-month fee to give you 30 days free. Harvest Foundation highly recommends the OUR Platform for your church. There are many more helpful tools from One United Relationship to come, but for right now, helping churches continue to keep their doors open is their main concern. God bless you in all you do. We are praying for you all.

Thank You,

James Henson
Harvest Foundation

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