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North Main Screen Printing & Design is owned and operated by Matt and Terri Morgan. Since 2014 North Main Screen Printing & Design has been creating wonderful t-shirts, canvas bags, and logos for Harvest Foundation. Their work is done quickly, with excellence, and all at reasonable costs.

To contact North Main Screen Printing & Design you may call (334) 494-7494, or you may go here to their website and contact them through the email portal provided.

"Matt & Terri Morgan and North Main Screen Printing & Design have dazzled us every time we have needed them. Whether it is graphics for logos, t-shirts for events, or anything else we can dream, they never disappoint. "

- Chad Boswell, Executive Director for Harvest Foundation

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Matthew & Terri Morgan

For almost 20 years Matthew has been producing graphics for churches, businesses (global, regional, & local), and other organizations, bringing professionally created designs to better communicate the identity of who they are in their communities and arenas. He has created branding, graphics, logos, and t-shirts for such business/groups like:

⦁ Christian Organizations (Harvest Foundation)
⦁ Corporate Businesses (One Group United)
⦁ Sporting Brands (arcHER)
⦁ Fuel Corporations (Morgan Fuels)
⦁ Clothing Brands (Adybelle, Taylor Mill Clothing Company)