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Hurricane Relief Fund

Click here to donate to those who have been affected by the recent Hurricanes. All monies donated will be distributed to churches in the area of the destruction. The money will be earmarked so that the churches must use it for the people, neighborhoods, and businesses.

Helping Is As Easy As One, Two, Three


Join together with believers across the nation to help communites affected by natural disasters.  

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Shout out loud and make this need known to the world! 



Join up with Harvest Foundation and OUR to keep in touch with those whose lives you helped!

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Powered by OUR

One United Relationship (OUR) is the company providing the platform to raise funds for these campaigns. Click below to get connected with OUR and learn how your church can benefit from their programs.


Throughout the years Harvest Foundation has been a steady presence in the life of senior pastors. We have laughed, cried, and enjoyed each other‘s presence in times of rest. More often than not many of our senior pastor friends ask Harvest Foundation how they might be able to pour back in. Our response has always been, “send us another senior pastor.“ you have responded in kind and we have grown tremendously throughout the years.

At Harvest Foundation, we endeavor to provide as much as we can to our senior pastors without it costing much to them. That’s why we are excited to tell you that Harvest Foundation is now going to begin a national fundraising campaign for natural disasters. Here, we will collect donations no matter how big or small they might be and earmark for which ever natural disaster has occurred or is coming our way. We believe that the church should be the one to reach out to the community when a natural disaster occurs. Please know that every dime that comes in to these campaigns, minus the processing fees it takes to process a credit or debit card, will go through Harvest Foundation to churches in the areas that have been hit the hardest. From there the churches will be given extra money to help their community to get back on their feet. This money will not go to the local Church to help them as much it will come to the local church to help the community.

Here is how it will work:

1) you donate an amount to the campaign fund no matter how big or small.

2) when natural disaster occurs, we will be there ready with a check to disperse to multiple churches in however many states the natural disaster happened. 

3) the local churches will now have extra money to give out to the community to help rebuild the damages that occurred to neighborhoods, businesses, and other community areas.

Harvest Foundation will keep no money at all. Look at this as the beginning of a new era in church relationship. Churches reaching out to the nation, helping each other reach their community all in the name of Christ. 

Our campaign begins… Now.


Because of the number of hurricanes in 2020 we have decided to combine all the campaigns together in order to better serve the people of the areas hit by disaster. Many of the destructive storms have destroyed the same areas so having multiple campaigns would not make sense. We hope you understand the need for this and we really appreciate your financial contributions to hurricane victims.

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