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Disaster Relief Fund

  • October 9, 2020
  • /   Chad Boswell
  • /   Disaster Relief,Hurricane Relief Fund
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Problem: Natural Disasters: If you have ever wondered how you or your church can bring assistance to hard hit communities but live too far away to go there physically, Harvest Foundation is offering an answer to that conundrum. Imagine this, a city has just been racked by a hurricane or an earthquake and devastation is all around. There is no power, no water, and it will be days/weeks before those things are available again. Insurance adjusters are on the way as are emergency crews but there is still not enough assistance to everyone. Now, through Harvest Foundation, you can be connected to churches across the country and help a community back other feet even quicker.

Harvest Foundation is offering a way for your church to reach out to other churches by being the middle man to send financial relief to those communities. Your church can take a special offering or your congregation members can get on our website and Dontae immediately. As funds come in, Harvest Foundation will be in contact with the churches in those areas damaged by each natural disaster for which we are campaigning. Other than processing fees (which you have the option to cover or not cover) all the funds collected goes to the areas through the churches in the community hit by the disaster. 

Currently we are preparing to help Hurricane Delta victims. To give, go to https://harvestfoundation.com/give, choose a campaign, and give any amount.